Monday, January 27, 2014


January is a busy month for us as we need to restock
but also many customers avoided the Christmas rush and waited for
the beginning of the year to place orders.
This first item was on of the last custom pieces we made in 2013.
The centre piece being an important heirloom
we just  made a simple ring to hold it , but with the option
of being opened up and taken back out if needed , so the item remains 100% original and

Another item came back for a quick refurbish
So it looks like new again

Amazingly we have taken orders for items that we already made
many years ago and that the original client wants either made again
brand new or to have made again  for their children.
The first one was for a ring that I completely forgot about
it but was indeed one of my first creation.
The owner brought it in ,  it was really worn and damaged.
The detail of the skull face was worn away and the shank was broken
The customer said it was his favourite and had been wearing it every day
So I am using the original MASTER and he will get the exact same ring that he bought
long ago.
The next order was for a ring that only three pieces were ever made
This will be the fourth one.
Finally another customer ordered a Celtic sword with RUNES and precious stone
He bought the original over 22 years ago when he was 20 years old
He's worn it everyday and now his daughters want one too
We will be glad to oblige.

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